• Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

    Choosing a wedding favor can sometimes be a battle. You put a lot of time, money, and effort into picking something cute or unique and then what happens? Your guests toss them! Here are a few ideas that are both functional and personal that will make them think twice before it hits the trash can!

    Potted Plants

    A cactus or a succulent is a great way to add a touch of greenery to your centerpieces without breaking the bank. Individual little plants are perfect for a window or a great way to add a little freshness to a cubical!

    Edible Favors

    You can’t go wrong with a sweet ending for a new beginning. Things like cake pops, chocolate covered cookies, popcorn, and candy are a yummy alternative! Personalize them with colors that match your theme, perhaps a monogrammed initial or a personalized label.

    Spices, Jams or Honey

    There are a thousand sayings out there can really add a nice touch to something as simple as a jar of jam or honey, or a bottle of cinnamon sugar…Love is Sweet, Spread the Love, or Jam Packed with Love, are just a few!

    Tote Bags

    Who doesn’t carry one with them everywhere they go? Have them custom made to match your theme, or add a personal note to them.


    Have a charity or special cause that is near and dear to you? Why not make a donation on behalf of your wedding guests. No one ever ends up planting those seeds anyways! So, why not do something to help others? You can simply type something up and put it in a nice frame for a display or perhaps have it printed like a menu card.

    Whatever you chose for a favor keep it personalized, keep it simple, but most of all make it memorable.