A Message to Our Couples

UPDATED 4/15/21

Castleton will be in touch with ANY changes to the current COVID – 19 restrictions. As of today these are the current guidelines / house policies surrounding guest safety at our facility, please understand these will likely change (possibly several times) before your event:

*Castleton is licensed to hold 550 guests in our Entire Hall, we are now at 100% capacity. However, following proper social distancing protocol (10 people per table, spaced 6ft apart) we are still restricted to the following:

¼ hall: 6 tables of 10 = 60 guests

½ Hall (Ashby OR Castle Hall): 15 tables of 10 = 150 guests

¾ Hall (Ashby&C Hall): 23 tables of 10 = 230 guests

Entire Hall: 31 tables of 10 = 310 guests

*Tables can hold up to TEN people. 

*MASKS, as of 4/16/21 the NH mask mandate requiring all people to wear masks in all public places has been lifted. Please keep in mind Executive Order 63 is still in place making it mandatory for all gatherings over 100 guests to be wearing masks at all times unless seated and eating. Our staff will ask the DJ or MC of your event to make announcements periodically regarding mask policies if applicable. Our service staff will remain masked at all times. 

*Governor Sununu is requiring restaurants (and function facilities like ourselves) to gather basic information about patrons in order to assist with contract tracing if someone at the establishment tests positive for COVID-19.  We are asking all of our clients to provide a list of the guests attending your event and a contact number. If a family or couple is coming together we will only need one contact name and number. We are asking this to be emailed in with your floor map the Monday of the week of your scheduled event.   

*For all events we will be opening the main ballroom when guests arrive (and throughout cocktail hour if applicable) so that any guest that chooses to remain in their seats can do so.

*For events with a scheduled cocktail hour, we will still plan to set your patio with cocktail tables & chairs, however the portable bar will not be part of the patio/lobby set up. Unfortunately, even a small line at a portable bar would encroach on the space and not lend to the social distancing required by the state at this time.

*The floor in front of the bar will be marked so that guests can maintain a six foot distance.

*Your dancefloor will be open. Please note that dancing within six feet of another individual is discouraged, with the exception of family members and individuals in the same household.

*For onsite ceremonies (if applicable) we plan to over set the ceremony space with 20 chairs (over your head count) to allow guests to social distance as they wish.

*We have instituted a waiver (a sample is on our website for reference) for each event. For any scheduled weddings this will need to be signed at your drop off appointment with your coordinator the week of your event.

*Our service staff have all received the most recent ServeSafe certification and specific COVID-19 training.


  • Private Setting
  • Lakeside Venue
  • Breathtaking Scenery
  • Multi-functional Space
  • We Offer Free Estimates
  • Full Kitchen and Catering
  • Can Host Large Corporate Functions